National Vote at Home Data Dashboard

Vote at Home is a growing trend across red, blue, and purple states because it is a proven method to improve election security, increase voter turnout, and reduce election-related costs. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, mail ballots also represent safer and healthier elections. This data dashboard is an interactive look at the current status of vote at home policies and voter turnout after the 2020 Presidential Primary election.

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2020 Presidential Primary Vote at Home Rates

Vote at Home Policy in March 2020

Pre-Approved Excuse Required to Vote Absentee - Some Waivers Allowed

COVID-19 Policy in 2020 Primaries

No Excuse Required to Vote Absentee

Vote at Home Policy for 2020 General

Requires Excuse to Vote Absentee

Policy Data Not Available

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United States

Percent of Eligible Voters Who Voted in the 2020 Presidential Primaries

United States

Percent of 2020 Presidential Primary Voters Who Voted at Home

United States

Percent of Voters Who Voted at Home in 2018 vs. the 2020 Primaries

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2020 Eligible Voter Participation Rank

% of Voters Participating in 2020 Presidential Primaries

% of Voters Participating via Mail Ballot