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Every state offers some access to mailed-out ballots. Who is eligible, how easy it is to obtain ballots, and what return options exist all vary, and much more. Are all voters – or only some – eligible to even apply for a mailed-out ballot? Can voters apply online for their mailed-out ballot, or must they submit a paper form? Can voters sign up once to receive ballots for all future elections for which they’re eligible or must they apply for every election? We've compiled answers to these and much more!


"This is an organization that is in a really unique position to be able to bring together people with different points of view on elections and voting and have the conversations that we need to have about access and security."

- Kim Wyman, former Washington Secretary of State and NVAHI Circle of Advisors co-chair
New Jersey
“2020 was the first year we sent a vote-by-mail ballot to all of our active registered voters and offered secure ballot drop boxes. National Vote at Home Institute was able to help us get in touch with vendors and other election officials who have already done this, as well as provide support with purchasing and installing drop boxes to ensure our voters could have access to safe ballot return options during the pandemic.

With Lori (Augino) at the helm, of the National Vote at Home Institute, state and local election officials can benefit by gaining is able to provide support from one of the most experienced vote-by-mail experts and election officials in the country.”

- Robert Giles, former Division of Elections Director, NJ Department of State
There were a number of individuals from National Vote at Home Institute who assisted us throughout the entire process [in 2020], from creating the PSAs to putting together our new web page and making sure the message about the importance of…staying at home safely and being able to vote got out.

- Julietta Henry, Director of Milwaukee County Elections
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