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National Vote at Home Institute (NVAHI) aims to increase voters’ access to, use of, and confidence in voting at home through:

  • Growing and improving vote-at-home options at the state and local levels;
  • Partnering with and supporting election officials in effective design and implementation of vote-at-home systems;
  • Expanding the use of and trust in vote-at-home solutions through strategic communications.

Under these voter-centric, secure systems, voters: receive a ballot by mail, return that ballot using one of several convenient return options, and have confidence that it is received and counted. All of this is possible through adoption and smart implementation of policies, including:

  • Single sign-up options so voters can automatically receive their ballots by mail without needing to reapply;
  • A wide range of accessible, convenient, and secure ballot return options;
  • Online, real-time, end-to-end ballot tracking;
  • Pre-processing of ballots before election night;
  • Election Day mail-ballot postmark acceptance;
  • A signature verification program with a robust, easy-to-use ballot cure process.​

NVAHI Reports

2022 Annual Report

What Happened in American Elections 2020?

2020 Retrospective: Vote -at-home Policy Actions

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