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The key to increasing the youth vote is hiding in plain sight

Researchers are finding high youth turnout in the midterms, but are missing a larger story December 2, 2022:  There is increasing evidence
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Vote at Home Annual Report 2022

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Mailed-out ballots hit 35% of all votes cast in the 2022 general election

A new midterm record – by a full 10% points November 18, 2022: As the final midterm numbers trickle in, NVAHI’s MOBET
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From Legislation to Language, Mailed-out ballots won on November 8

Some obvious (and not-so-obvious) wins for mailed-out ballot voting November 11, 2022: As the numbers continue to come in from the midterms,
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As mailed-out ballots exceed 60 million, our focus shifts to return rates

 If voter turnout equals 2018, mailed-out ballots are on track to comprise over 1/3 of all cast in 2022 November 4, 2022:
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What a Divided Nebraska Town Shows About Mail-in Voting

The Hill – A new study makes a case for at-home voting by drawing on a unique civic experiment: a town in
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