Mailed It!

This Wonk Wednesday resource includes materials and resources shared during the 2022 National Postal Forum, held in Phoenix, Ariz. in May. 

Ballot Tracking 101

This Wonk Wednesday resource includes resources from the two foremost vendors providing ballot-tracking solutions — BallotTrax and Ballot Scout — as well as local election offices that use these technologies for their voters. 

Ballot Sorting and Signature Verification Equipment Webinar

In this webinar you’ll learn about mail ballot envelope standards, how national templates can be adapted to your office’s needs, and the principles of plain language and design to help voters.

A tool kit of resources for scaling up vote by mail (Center for Civic Design)

As designers, researchers, and humans we can solve problems. So we’re focusing on what we’re good at: helping election officials make it easier for people to vote – even in these times.

We have materials to support any state or county scaling up their vote-by-mail program to get ready to meet the challenge with templates and sample documents. We’ve got ballot request forms, envelope designs, voter information and instructions, and more, all based on best practices around the country.

Center for Inclusive Democracy Ballot Return Tool

Using publicly available voter data, the web-based Ballot Return Tool produces visualized data maps of early ballots cast by registered voters at the county or precinct level. The technology allows users to increasingly pinpoint community-level voting activities by hovering or zooming in on a particular area or neighborhood. CID updates the maps in real-time as voting data is made available.