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For Immediate Release


National Vote At Home Institute Denounces the President’s Continued Attacks on Democracy and Affirms Their Mission to Protect American Elections

The American people have continued to exercise their right to vote despite ongoing disinformation campaigns to overturn a free and fair election. As President Trump continues his public calls to undermine our constitution, democracy, and election systems, the National Vote At Home Institute released the following statement: 

“The President’s false claims continue to undermine the fabric of American democracy. Election officials across the country — and in Georgia this week — have been clear and thorough in explaining the various processes that keep American elections secure no matter the method voters use to participate. We will always support election officials in their vital work as defenders of democracy, regardless of the political outcome.

Today is a dark day for our country, but the road forward is clear. Americans need a national standard that ensures their access to safe, equitable and secure elections. These standards include, at the minimum: 

  • Modernized and automated voter registration processes including address updates 
  • No excuse required to receive a mail ballot
  • Increased data integrity and security measures
  • Ballot tracking
  • Prepaid postage for ballots
  • Extended pre-processing periods for mail ballots
  • Increased transparency in the election process

Our democracy has survived for hundreds of years and will not be torn down by partisan bad actors committed to sowing doubt and disinformation among the electorate. It is time for Americans to come together and restore faith in our democratic process. We will continue to fight for the right of every American to have their voice heard by voting in the method that they choose.” 


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