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Ballot Tracking

Best Practices

Ballot tracking allows voters to track their ballot like an Amazon package via an intelligent mail barcode and receive an electronic or phone notification when their ballot is sent to them, when it is arriving at their home, when it has been received back at the elections office, and when it has been accepted. If the ballot is not accepted, perhaps due to an issue with the voter’s signature,  the ballot tracking service can notify voters of the issue and instruct them on how to “cure” or correct their ballot.

Why It's Important

  • Convenient for voters. Ballot tracking makes it easy for voters to know the location of their ballot at each stage in the voting process. It eliminates confusion and ensures that voters know if their ballot has been rejected or accepted once it is received by the election office, which also helps in the ballot curing process. 
  • Voter notification. By contracting with a skilled ballot tracking vendor, the state can reduce the burden on local election officials by enabling the system to contact voters if their ballots need to be cured. 
  • Increased voter confidence. Ballot tracking provides transparency into the elections system. When voters know where their ballot is and whether or not it has been accepted for counting, they can be confident that their vote will be counted.
  • Accessible. Ballot tracking is accessible to those with a variety of disabilities and notifications can be provided in a multitude of languages, guaranteeing that all voters can track their ballot. 

Relevant Research

Example Statutes

Ballot Tracking Across the US

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