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Single Sign-Up Voter List

Best Practices

Single sign-up, or a permanent absentee voter list, is when a voter can opt-in to automatically receive mail ballots for all future elections. Many states already have these lists for certain voters, like seniors or voters with disabilities. Some states provide single sign-up options that expire after one to two years. To reduce voter confusion, National Vote at Home Institute recommends establishing a truly permanent absentee voter list, rather than a semi-permanent one where voters must reapply every few years. To maintain the integrity of the list, remove voters whose ballots are returned undeliverable or who move or pass away (joining ERIC is a key way to do so).

Why It's Important

  • Voter convenience. By eliminating the need to request a mail ballot for each election, voters experience greater convenience by not having to remember.
  • Cost savings. Consistent voters can request ballots several times a year. On average, counties save $1 per ballot request they don’t have to process by implementing single sign-up.
  • Turnout increase. Numerous studies have shown that when voters have easy access to mailed-out ballots, they vote, often at greater levels than their polling-place counterparts.

Relevant Research

Example Statutes

Single Sign Up Across the US

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