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At the National Vote at Home Institute, our principal mission is to increase citizens’ access to, trust in, and security of mailed-out ballots.

We have identified and weighed 15 key criteria that reward states for the absence of undue obstacles for voters who wish to apply for, receive, track, return, and have their mailed-out ballots counted in addition to recognizing appropriate security safeguards, such as verifying all voters’ signatures against official election records.

Our scorecard encourages enacting vote at home friendly policies, providing a roadmap to help states ultimately adopt an election system where all voters automatically receive their paper ballots in the mail before every election.

Eight states — Oregon, Washington, California, Utah, Hawaii, Colorado, Nevada, and Vermont — and the District of Columbia currently use this model. We believe citizen participation and democratic governance are best when states can implement accessible and secure Vote at Home election systems, which should include numerous and accessible in-person options to receive and cast ballots.

HowVote at Home friendlyis your state? Click on any state to view its profile and learn more about their vote at home guidelines. Contact your state or local election officials for questions about your state’s current voting policies.

State profiles are updated annually; please contact if you spot an error.

50-State Scorecard Matrix

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