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At National Vote at Home Institute, we believe that the bedrock principles of citizen participation and democratic governance are best served when states can implement accessible and secure “Vote at Home” (VaH) election systems. In such VaH systems, all active registered voters are automatically mailed their ballots several weeks prior to every election. Voters can then return their ballots by mail or in-person via a wide range of accessible, convenient, and secure locations.

Eight states currently use such a VaH system — Oregon, Washington, California, Utah, Hawaii, Colorado, Nevada, and Vermont. However, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have specific policies and practices relating to mail-ballot use, and there is a wide variance in the laws state legislatures have enacted.  

So, how “Vote at Home” friendly is your state? Click on the state below to view its profile. Profiles are updated annually. For questions about your state’s current voting policies, contact your state or local election officials.

50-State Scorecard Matrix